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Charlie Hebdo cover responds to Paris attacks: "Screw" the terrorists (HNGN)

Just a couple of days left for the crowdfunding's campaign for Mysource (here) initiated by The Ethical fashion forum. Read more how Mysource wants to take sustainable fashion from niche to norm (Ecouterre)

Gender equality is now better in Rwanda than in the US (Quartz)

How to transform your business when the old rules no longer apply (Wired)

The world could run entirely on wind, solar, and hydro power by 2050 (Fast Company)

John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez have made a movie no one will see for 100 years. See the trailer above (io9)

Radical transparency is the new normal (NRF)

Why Asia's brightest stars struggle to shine (BoF)

People are scaring their cats with cucumbers. They shouldn't (National Geographic)

Why agencies and brands need a new breed of director (AdAge)

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